Audio files and transcripts of Strauss’s courses are listed below in alphabetical order. You may click on the "Year" column heading to sort chronologically.

Course Year Audio Transcript

Plato, Republic, spring 1957

1957 No Audio Available

Plato, Symposium, autumn 1959

1959 Available Pending

Political Philosophy of Thucydides, winter 1962

1962 No Audio Pending

Rousseau, autumn 1962

1962 Available Available

Political Philosophy of Spinoza, autumn 1959

1959 No Audio Available

Thucydides (St. John’s College Annapolis), 1972-73

1972 Available Pending

Vico, autumn 1963

1963 Available Available

Xenophon, Oeconomicus and Memorabilia (St. John’s College Annapolis), 1969-70

1969-70 Available Available

Xenophon, winter 1963

1963 Available Available