The Leo Strauss Center is proud to publish the digitally remastered audio files of the course given by Leo Strauss on “Plato’s Political Philosophy: Apology and Crito in autumn quarter, 1966 at the University of Chicago.

This is one of 26 courses (and one reading group) for which a partial or complete audio record exists. The Leo Strauss Center’s goal is to publish the 27 sets of audio by the end of April, 2011. We expect to begin publishing edited transcripts in the spring of 2011 and to complete the publication of all 44 of the course transcripts (and the transcript for one reading group) within the next four years, if sufficient funding is obtained. The Center will not distribute any transcript until it has been published.

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The Leo Strauss Center invites submissions for publication on the Center’s website of recollections of Strauss by his former students. Such submissions may be in a Word document, a hard copy manuscript, or an audio or video file. The Center reserves the right to edit all submissions chosen for publication.

The Leo Strauss Center would like to thank Craig Harding of September Audio for his expert and diligent work digitally remastering the collection of tapes of Strauss’s courses; Quinn Dombrowski and Matthew L. Aron of the University of Chicago Scholarly Technology and Research Computing office for designing and building the Center's new website; Alice Schreyer, Daniel Meyer, and Eileen Ielmini of the University of Chicago Special Collections Research Center; Charles Blair of the University of Chicago Digital Archive; and Warren Winiarski, the National Endowment for the Humanities, Richard Schiffrin, Earhart Foundation, and dozens of individuals for their generous support.

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