In Memoriam: Donald Reinken

The Strauss Center has learned of the recent death of Mr. Donald Reinken on July 16, 2018. Reinken will be known to many readers of the transcripts of Strauss's courses and to listeners of the audiofiles as "Mr. Reinken," who read aloud sections from the texts in many of Strauss's courses. Strauss began his course on Plato's Apology and Crito in 1966 with this remark: "Well, the first thing I want to do in my own name and by anticpation in the name of the class [is] to express my happiness to see Mr. Reinken back. Mr.

Interviews with Strauss's Former Students

Interviews with 16 of Strauss's former students are now available on our website under the tab "Recollections." Transcripts of all of the interviews (but one) are available in PDF format. Some of the audiofiles are available now, and the larger audiofiles will be added soon.

Leo Strauss on Nietzsche: Conference on December 2, 2017

Leo Strauss on Nietzsche

**Copies of the book, Strauss on Nietzsche's Zarathustra will be available for purchase at the conference. Credit cards will be accepted.**

Plato Transcripts Added to Website

The transcripts of Strauss's courses on Plato's Laws (1959 and 1971-71), edited by Lorraine Pangle, and Apology and Crito (1966), edited by Davaid Janssens are now available. All of the courses now available in PDF format will be shortly added to the digital collection (March 2017).


Introduction to Political Philosophy (1965), sessions 10-16

Introduction to Political Philosophy, sessions 10-16 (Aristotle's Politics)


This transcript includes only sessions 10 to 16 of the course Introduction to Political Philosophy, offered in the winter quarter 1965 in the department of political science, the University of Chicago. These sessions address Aristotle's Politics, and in session 16 provide reflections on the differences between Aristotle's thought and that of Plato. Sessions 1-9 will be published in print by the University of Chicago Press, and in the future the whole transcript will become part of the online collection on the Leo Strauss Center website.

Transcripts to be published by the University of Chicago Press

The transcript of Strauss's course on Nietzsche's Thus Spoke Zarathustra (spring 1959) has been accepted for print publication by the University of Chicago Press for fall 2017. It will be the first of several course transcripts that the Press will publish.  Once the Nietzsche volume appears in print, we plan to host a one-day conference on Strauss on Nietzsche here on the University of Chicago campus.



On offer on Strauss and Recovery of Medieval Political Philosophy from U Rochester Press

We are pleased to offer our readers an offer from the University of Rochester Press:

The University of Rochester Press is pleased to offer Leo Strauss and the Recovery of Medieval Political Philosophy at a 50% discount! Order before August 1, 2016 on the University of Rochester Press website,, or by calling 585-275-0419. Be sure to enter the promotion code BB037.  (This discount is not valid for institutional orders.)


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Nietzsche 1967 transcript now available!

The transcript of Strauss's seminar on Nietzsche offered in the winter of 1967 is now available in PDF format and will be added to the digital collection at a later time. The texts studied in this course were Thus Spake Zarathustra, Beyond Good and Evil, and The Genealogy of Morals