Progress or Return? (November 1952)

Progress or Return? (November 1952)


A lecture, the first of three on the topic "Progress or Return?," given by Leo Strauss at the Hillel Foundation at the University of Chicago on November 5, 1952. Transcripts of the three “Progress or Return?” lectures have been published in "Jewish Philosophy and the Crisis of Modernity: Essays and Lectures in Modern Jewish Thought," ed. Kenneth Hart Green (Albany, New York: SUNY Press, 1997). A transcript of the discussion session after the lecture on November 19 will be published online by the Leo Strauss Center.

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Announcing Strauss Lectures on Maimonides, and Other Topics

The Leo Strauss Center begins publishing occasional lectures by Strauss

Visitors to this website will be interested in the recent publication by the University of Chicago Press of Leo Strauss on Maimonides: the Complete Writings, ed. Kenneth Hart Green.

The Press notes, “With Leo Strauss on Maimonides, Kenneth Hart Green presents for the first time a comprehensive, annotated collection of Strauss’s writings on Maimonides, comprising sixteen essays, three of which appear in English for the first time… The result will become the standard edition of Strauss’s writings on Maimonides.”

The Socratic Question (February 1968)

The Socratic Question (February 1968)


The lecture “The Socratic Question” was given at Claremont Men's College on February 14, 1968.

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Maimonides (February 1960)

Maimonides (February 1960)


Lectures on Maimonides given by Leo Strauss at the Hillel Foundation at the University of Chicago on February 7 & 14, 1960, and a discussion session following the February 14 lecture. Transcripts of the lectures have been published in "Leo Strauss on Maimonides: the Complete Writings," ed. Kenneth Hart Green.

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VIDEO: ‘Leo Strauss as Teacher’ Conference

The Leo Strauss Center held a conference on “Leo Strauss as Teacher” on April 22-23 in Social Science 122 (a lecture hall where Strauss himself occasionally taught) on the campus of the University of Chicago. In this article video of the conference sessions is published.

The conference marked the publication on the Center’s website of digitally remastered audiofiles made from the surviving audiotapes of Leo Strauss’s courses. It provided an opportunity to remember, think about, and discuss the example Strauss provided of a great teacher and to talk about the issues involved in preparing the transcripts of his courses for publication.

The conference was divided into four panels: one panel of individuals who studied with Strauss in his early days at the University of Chicago; one panel who had studied with him late in his career, at the University of Chicago, Claremont Men’s College, or St. John’s College Annapolis; a panel of scholars who had edited transcripts on the basis of audio files and the French translator of Strauss, who is currently preparing for publication in French the transcripts of Strauss’s courses on Montesquieu, corrected against the audiofiles; and a final panel for discussion among all the speakers.

Spinoza, autumn 1959

Political Philosophy of Spinoza, autumn 1959


"Seminar in Political Philosophy: Spinoza," offered in autumn quarter 1959, covered the Theological-Political Treatise. There are no existing audiofiles.

Plato, Republic, autumn 1961

Plato, Republic, autumn 1961


"Seminar in Political Philosophy: Plato’s Republic," offered in autumn quarter 1961, has 17 sessions. There are no surviving audiotapes.

Plato, Republic, spring 1957

Plato, Republic, spring 1957


This course on Plato's Republic was taught in spring quarter 1957 and has 15 sessions. There are no surviving audiofiles.

Natural Right, winter 1954

Natural Right, winter 1954


"Natural Right" was offered in winter quarter 1954. In the course, Strauss covered the thought of Thomas Paine, Tocqueville, Marx, Nietzsche, Machiavelli, Hobbes, Locke, and Rousseau. No audiotapes have survived.

Locke, Two Treatises of Government & Essays on the Law of Nature, winter 1958

John Locke, Two Treatises of Government & Essays on the Law of Nature, winter 1958


"Seminar in Political Philosophy: Locke’s Civil Government" was offered in winter 1958 and has 16 sessions, for which there are no existing audiofiles. The texts considered were Two Treatises of Government and Essays on the Law of Nature.