The Leo Strauss Center deeply appreciates contributions from friends and supporters. Thanks to generous philanthropic gifts, we have made substantial progress toward achieving our goals, but much remains to be done:

—A gift of $250 could pay for adding one new transcript to the digital collection

—A gift of $300 could cover proofreading a transcript to ensure the greatest possible accuracy

—A gift of $2000 could support scholarly editing of one of the remaining transcripts

In addition, other projects linked to the Center that can be supported are:

—editing and posting to the website oral histories with former Strauss students.

—completing our endowment goal of $200,000 to ensure perpetuation of the Strauss Center website. We have received $175,00 toward our goal thus far (spring 2017). Gifts of any size are greatly appreciated.  

Please consider making a gift either for current activities or for the endowment.


Major support for the Leo Strauss Center has been provided by the Winiarski Family Foundation and numerous individual donors.






"Men are constantly attracted and deluded by two opposite charms: the charm of competence which is engendered by mathematics and everything akin to mathematics, and the charm of humble awe, which is engendered by meditation on the human soul and its experiences. Philosophy is characterized by the gentle, if firm, refusal to succumb to either charm. It is the highest form of the mating of courage and moderation. In spite of its highness or nobility, it could appear as Sisyphean or ugly, when one contrasts its achievement with its goal. Yet it is necessarily accompanied, sustained and elevated by eros. It is graced by nature's grace."