Courses: Audio & Transcripts

Audio files and transcripts of Strauss’s courses are listed below in alphabetical order.


Course Audio Transcript
Aristotle, Nicomachean Ethics (Claremont Men’s College), winter/spring 1968 available pending
Aristotle, Nicomachean Ethics, spring 1963 available pending
Aristotle, Politics, autumn 1967 no audio pending
Aristotle, Politics, spring 1960 available pending
Aristotle, Rhetoric,  spring 1964 available available
Basic Principles of Classical Political Philosophy, autumn 1961 no audio available
Cicero, spring 1959 available available
Grotius, On the Law of War and Peace, autumn 1964 no audio available
Hegel, Philosophy of History, winter 1965 available in print
Hegel, Philosophy of History, autumn 1958 no audio available
Historicism and Modern Relativism, winter 1956 no audio available
Hobbes, Leviathan and De Cive, winter 1964 available pending
Introduction to Political Philosophy, winter 1965 available sessions 1-9 in print
Introduction to Political Philosophy, winter 1965, Aristotle’s Politics (sessions 10-16) available available
Kant, spring 1958 available available
Kant, spring 1967 available available
Locke, Two Treatises of Government and Essays on the Law of Nature, winter 1958 no audio available
Marx, spring 1960 available available
Montesquieu 1, winter 1966 available available
Montesquieu 2, spring 1966 available available
Montesquieu, autumn 1965 available available
Natural Right, autumn 1962 available available
Natural Right, winter 1954 no audio available
Nietzsche, Beyond Good and Evil, 1971-72 available available
Nietzsche, winter 1967 no audio available
Nietzsche, 1962 no audio available
Nietzsche, spring 1959 no audio available
Origins of Political Science, winter 1960 available available
Plato, Apology/Crito, autumn 1966 available available
Plato, Euthydemus (Claremont Men’s College), summer 1968 available pending
Plato, Gorgias manuscript 1973 no audio available
Plato, Gorgias, autumn 1963 available available
Plato, Gorgias, winter 1957
no audio available
Plato, Laws (St. John’s College Annapolis), 1970-71 available available
Plato, Laws, winter 1959 available available
Plato, Meno, spring 1966 available available
Plato, Protagoras, spring 1965 available in print
Plato, Republic, autumn 1961 no audio available
Plato, Republic, spring 1957 no audio available
Plato, Symposium no audio in print
Rousseau, autumn 1962 available available
Spinoza, autumn 1959 no audio available
Thucydides (St. John’s College), 1972-73 available  pending
Thucydides, winter 1962 no audio pending
Vico, autumn 1963 available available
Xenophon, Oeconomicus and Memorabilia (St. John’s College, 1969-70) available available
Xenophon, winter 1963 available available







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