Download bibliography of Leo Strauss, prepared by Heinrich Meier.

Leo Strauss’s Books Available in English

Titles linked to publishers’ pages

The Argument and the Action of Plato’s Laws

The City and Man

History of Political Philosophy (ed. Joseph Cropsey and Leo Strauss)

Hobbes’s Critique of Religion and Related Writings (ed. and trans. Gabriel Bartlett and Svetozar Minkov)

An Introduction to Political Philosophy: Ten Essays by Leo Strauss (ed. Hilail Gildin)

Jewish Philosophy and the Crisis of Modernity: Essays and Lectures in Modern Jewish Thought (ed. Kenneth Hart Green)

Leo Strauss on Maimonides: The Complete Writings (ed. Kenneth Hart Green)

Leo Strauss on Moses Mendelssohn (ed. and trans. Martin D. Yaffe)

Leo Strauss on Nietzsche’s Thus Spoke Zarathustra (ed. Richard Velkley)

Leo Strauss on Plato’s Symposium (ed. Seth Benardete)

Leo Strauss on Plato’s Euthyphro: The 1948 Notebook, with Lectures and Critical Writings, edited by Hannes Kerber and Svetozar Y. Minkov (Penn State University Press, 2023)

Leo Strauss: The Early Writings (1921-1932) (ed. and trans. Michael Zank)

Leo Strauss’ Published but Uncollected English Writings, edited by Steven J. Lenzner and Svetozar Minkov (St. Augustine’s Press, 2024)

Liberalism Ancient and Modern

Natural Right and History

On Tyranny (ed. Victor Gourevitch and Michael S. Roth)

Persecution and the Art of Writing

Philosophy and Law (trans. Eve Adler)

The Political Philosophy of Hobbes: Its Basis and Its Genesis (trans. Elsa Sinclair)

The Rebirth of Classical Political Rationalism

Socrates and Aristophanes

Spinoza’s Critique of Religion (trans. Elsa Sinclair)

The Strauss-Kruger Correspondence: Returning to Plato through Kant (ed. Susan Shell)

Studies in Platonic Political Philosophy (ed. Thomas L. Pangle)

Thoughts on Machiavelli

What Is Political Philosophy? and Other Studies

Xenophon’s Socrates

Xenophon’s Socratic Discourse: An Interpretation of the Oeconomicus

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