Introduction to Political Philosophy, sessions 10-16 (Aristotle’s Politics), winter 1965

This transcript includes only sessions 10 to 16 of the course Introduction to Political Philosophy, offered in the winter quarter 1965 in the department of political science, the University of Chicago. These sessions address Aristotle’s Politics, and in session 16 provide reflections on the differences between Aristotle’s thought and that of Plato. Sessions 1-9 will be published in print by the University of Chicago Press, and in the future the whole transcript will become part of the online collection on the Leo Strauss Center website.

The transcript of session 10 is based upon the existing audio file, which is available on the “Introduction to Political Philosophy, winter 1965” page as audio file number 9 . The transcript of sessions 11-16, for which there are no surviving audiotapes, is based upon the original transcript.

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