Montesquieu 2, spring 1966

“Seminar in Political Philosophy: Montesquieu’s The Spirit of the Laws,” the second quarter of a two quarter course, was offered in spring quarter 1966. There were 16 sessions; the audiofiles for all of them survived. Readings include The Spirit of the Laws, and Persian Letters.

To download the audiofiles onto your computer:

Click on the file name and the mp3 player opens.
If you’re using a Windows computer:

If you’re using a Mac, holding down the Control key and clicking on the player progress bar will reveal the contextual menu: “Play, Mute, Play Speed, Copy Audio Location, Save Audio As, Email Audio and Inspect Element”

Choose “Save Audio As” and you can re-name the file, or leave the name as-is and navigate to where you want the downloaded file to end up.  Click OK and the file downloads to your computer in about two seconds.

PDF transcript:

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