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A book launch conference at the University of Chicago, April 21, 2023. Leo Strauss on the Euthyphro, the 1948 Notebook (Penn State Press, 2023), edited by Hannes Kerber and Svetozar Minkov.

Co-sponsored by the Leo Strauss Foundation and the Leo Strauss Center.

Speakers: Wayne Ambler, Associate Professor Emeritus at University of Colorado, Boulder; Robert C. Bartlett, the first Behrakis Professor of Hellenic Political Studies at Boston College; Hannes Kerber, Harvard University; Svetozar Minkov, Roosevelt University; Nathan Tarcov, University of Chicago. Also speaking: Robert C. Bartlett, Boston College; Wayne Ambler, University of Colorado, Boulder; Ronna Burger, Tulane University.

Videographer: Q (Quichen Wu)


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